Joga Bonito with Ginga

Our Mission
​CSFC's Mission is committed to providing our players and community a safe, fun and well organized place to play soccer/futsal; with a training program for youth seeking a professional career in a 100% Futsal FOCUS ENVIRONMENT!
Our Story
​After years watching a lot of young talent being waste in the Chicago metropolitan area, including our surroundings in Joliet; mainly because of lack of professionalism and ‘’BAD’’ training; we decide that it was time to have the 1st and BEST FUTSAL Club in the region.

As all the big clubs and teams do in Europe and South America, we will be focused on Futsal with to really develop players' game! We are called Cadence Soccer & Futsal Club because of our own house facility do have turf fields, and since the beginning we prize for transparency and honesty we could not called ourselves just a FUTSAL club. In the meantime we were established to HELP and WORK within clubs in our surroundings not to COMPETE; that is why even with turf fields we will be 100% focus on FUTSAL!

Our founders and leaders trainers had played professional soccer/futsal in many different countries and on very well-known clubs in South America and Europe. Both continents are the land of the 3 greatest soccer players in the history; Pele, Maradona, and Zidane also the home of the 3 current soccer stars, Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi. In South America and Europe are located the best youth development programs in the world for decades and our methodology comes from it.

CSFC’s mentality is to build and enhance players’ ability. We believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, and to become a REAL great player. Skills along with discipline and smartness can be very helpful in all aspects of life, making football/soccer/futsal very fun. In other words, our philosophy is ideal for ANYONE who wants to start or continue learning for REAL about the beautiful game.

​Our methodology is focus on the 4 MAIN elements of the game – Psychological ,Technical, Tactical and Physical, all with pedagogical aspects. We will be instructing and playing REAL soccer & futsal, because we believe that being PROFESSIONAL is always the BEST and right way!

Besides all that, as it was mentioned before we come to ADD to local and regional clubs, once our expertise and mentality will be 100% FUTSAL focus! JOGA BONITO!