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Why Soccer & Futsal?

  • First of all, CSFC was built to make young and adult players to HAVE FUN, and be GREAT in and outside the court!
  • Soccer is a sport that combines so many positive attributes into one activity that it's hard to list them all, but without Futsal Soccer is just not as good as it should!
  • Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. If skills development is important, Futsal is recognized as clearly the BEST form of indoor soccer, played by millions of people around the world. 
  • With Futsal players will have more contact with the ball, therefore will be more FUN and excited to play.
  • It is a '5-a-Side' game of high skill and fast action.  In a statistical study comparing Futsal to indoor arena soccer with walls (what some call 'sockey'), players touch the ball 210% more often, so more FUN!
  • Soccer is a game where scoring is not the only thing that matters. Smart, creative, heads-up play is just as important to coaches, players and spectators, ALL these together with Futsal gets even better
  • Soccer requires and produces exceptional player fitness. It's a game in which players move constantly at various speeds and in various directions for ninety minutes, with very few interruptions. Players accelerate forward and move laterally all the time
  • Ball Control.  With limited space, improved ball control skills and technique are required.
  • Speed of Play.  With limited space and a 4-5 second restart rule players learn to play and think fast. 
  • FIFA Rewards.  Futsal rewards the same basic skills, tactics and knowledge as the 11v11 soccer outdoor game.
  • Mandatory Support and lots of triangles plays.  Players quickly learn essential soccer movements. 
  • Continuity of Play.  No time to stand around and watch - just play, play, play.
  • Skillful - not rough - play.  No slide tackles or shoulder challenges allowed.  Skill is enhanced and encouraged.
  • Knowledge.  Players' understanding of the game is enhanced because of the high volume of learning opportunities.
  • Quality volume shooting.  More goals, more scoring opportunities, more time to build finishing skills.
  • Multi-positional learning.  Attackers quickly become defenders.  Defenders quickly attack. Switching sides.  The game accelerates defensive and offensive learning and skills, leading to become a more complete player. 
  • Basically saying it is FUN!  Kids and adults love the challenge of a fast-paced skill-oriented game that test their abilities.  

Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth and credit it with supporting their footballing development into their skills.

“Futsal was important in helping to develop my ball control, quick thinking, passing, also for dribbling, balance, concentration. Futsal was very, very important, no doubt.” – Pele 

"Perhaps in regular football you cannot appreciate the talent. Everything is more physical. But in Futsal you have small details of quality, class and tactical aspects." - Xavi 

“Futsal makes you more composed on the ball and makes you want the ball more, so you can do something with it.” - Micah Richards

“Futsal is an extremely important way for kids to develop their skills and understanding of the game. My touch and my dribbling have come from playing Futsal”. - Ronaldinho 

“Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe it to football (soccer).” - Albert Camus